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1000 cups of kindness

Have you heard about the latest exhibition at the Foundling Museum in London?  I think it is genius.  It is an unusual exhibition which is banking on your cooperation for its success.  The exhibition features the work of British ceramic artist Clare Twomey and the show centres on 1000 identical cups and saucers, each with an inscription between the base of the cup and the plate of a good deed.

Would you be willing to perform a mystery good deed in exchange for a work of art? Don’t just expect to turn up and be offered one as only a certain number of visitors will get the chance to pledge their willingness to perform an act of kindness.

Clare Twomey ‘s inspiration for this exhibition is the museum’s social history collection. The Foundling Museum tells the story of the first hospital for abandoned children founded by Thomas Coram in 1739. Along with works of art by William Hogarth and other founding benefactors, the musuem’s… Read the rest...

The secrets of body language: why you should never cross your arms again

Happiness Experiment No 1: Smile more teaches you that smiling more leads to more happiness rather than happiness leading to more smiling. This fascinating article by Leo Widrich looks at how important body language is in general when it comes to altering your mood.  He mentions the great TED talk by Amy Cuddy on body language which is also one of my favourites.  Enjoy Amy Cuddy’s TED talk and Leo Widrich’s article and get ready to start the day in a power pose! You know you want to.

TED talk by Amy Cuddy




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improve my body language science
Body language is older and more innate for us as humans than even language or facial expressions. That’s why people born blind can perform the same body language expressions as people who can see. They come pre-programmed with our brains. 


I’ve always been incredibly fascinated with body language and how it helps us achieve

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Happiness Experiment No 8: Pay more compliments

This great short film by Kurt Kuenne, Validation, introduces us to Happiness Experiment No 8: Pay more compliments.  Have fun with this experiment and learn to show your appreciation for others, hand out some genuine praise on a regular basis and smile more. If you pay someone a genuine compliment it will make their day and their reaction may just make your day too. It’s a habit worth cultivating and it costs nothing so give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Posted by Shona Lockhart on 26th June 2012

Happiness Experiment No 1: How to make yourself happier using only a pencil

It’s the last day of May and today marks the day of the first Happiness Experiment – here we go…..

We are going to start with something easy which anyone can try: Smile more!

Take a look at this short BBC video by Michael Mosley to see how a pencil can get your started.  Have fun, smile more at both friends and strangers or just for the sake of it and let me know how you get on.


Posted by Shona Lockhart, 31st May 2012