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Happiness is served on a smaller plate

Happy 2015

This year I have been late to the New Year Resolutions party as my enthusiasm has been dampened by a lingering dose of the flu. However being ill has had its advantages.  Instead of launching headlong into my usual cycle of 100s of things I want to be better at together with numerous unrealistic projects I want to complete I have had two weeks of extra reflection time before I nail my colours to the mast. My reflection was prompted by a friend asking all assembled on New Year’s Eve what the one biggest highlight of 2014 had been.  It’s a difficult question to answer when you have to choose just one thing that made you happiest over a whole year.  The more I thought about it the more the images of trips I have made and the family and friends I shared them with sprang to mind.  So 2015 will definitely involve as much travel as possible and I am already planning a trip to Malawi in April to visit the amazing work of The Microloan FoundationRead the rest...

I just stepped outside for a while….

“I am just going outside and may be some time.” Lawrence Oates

I recently declared that I was embarking on a 100 day challenge to photograph something every day which made me happy.  I did not envisage that this challenge would also coincide with The Happiness Experiment blog not working for a month due to technical issues making it impossible for me to write posts.

Day 34

Meanwhile I have been photographing and posting my #100happydays photographs on social media during my month of blog silence and it has been a really positive experience so far.  It’s a great way to appreciate the things I am grateful for and to make sure to savour experiences. These are both positive psychology practices proven to enhance wellbeing. I have also made a conscious effort to incorporate at least one thing that makes me happy in my life every day.  Some days there have been numerous pictures I could have taken and other days I have struggled to find … Read the rest...

10 Easy Activities Science Has Proven Will Make You Happier Today

This article by Jeremy Dean caught my eye as the activities recommended are very similar to many of the Happiness Experiments featured on this blog.  I hope you enjoy the article and choose to try some of the activities. I would highly recommend that you check out Jeremy’s Psyblog if you are interested in reading more articles of this nature.

10 Easy Activities Science Has Proven Will Make You Happier Today

Post image for 10 Easy Activities Science Has Proven Will Make You Happier Today

A thankful message, spending on others, listening to music, happy daydreams and more…

Science can make you happier. Do at least some of these activities today and feel the positive vibrations flow. Keep it going for a week or longer and feel your mood lift.

1. Mentally subtract something good from your life

People spend a lot of time thinking about good things that didn’t happen, but might have done. But what about the good things that did happen that might not have?

Say you’d never met your partner or friend or got that job?
Read the rest...

Less is more: a week of living below the poverty line

This week in support of my husband, and possibly against my better judgement, I decided to spend  5 days living below the poverty line spending just £1 per day on all food and drink.  This challenge to Live below the line has been set up to to support many UK and international charities who focus on helping to make a real change in the lives of the 1.4 billion people, both here and around the world, who are currently living in extreme poverty. I became aware of and hugely inspired by the blog: A Girl Called Jack and decided to take up the challenge for just 5 days.Take a look at Hugh Jackman’s invitation to take up the challenge:

I chose to spend the week living below the line in order to support the work of Progressio, an international development charity which my husband is proud to work for.  There was a part of me which felt that this was a bit of an exercise in “playing at being poor” à la Marie-Antoinette who famously said about… Read the rest...