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Is procrastination a positive or negative personality trait?

Last weekend I was participating in a CTI training course in London as part of my training to become a coach.  We were asked to look at an “issue” in our life which we could be coached on and I decided to look at procrastination as my issue as I have long held the belief that if only I could overcome my tendency to procrastinate on small administrative tasks, which somehow remain unfinished for months on end, I would somehow be happier.  I struggled all weekend with finding any solution that resonated with me and although I completed the training having made the commitment to tackle my ever increasing pile of petty cash receipts which needed sorting, I was left with the overriding feeling that no matter which perspective I took I was never going to fall in love with doing petty chores. I decided to designate one day a month as a Get It Done Day (in which I tackle all unfinished tasks head on for a limited period of time to get the pain over with) and… Read the rest...

The Amazingly Positive Life of Michael J. Fox.

“People talk about me being a paragon of optimism and hope and all that stuff. I have a really blessed life, I have an amazing life.” Michael J. Fox

In this feature for ABC News published on 18th June 2012, Russell Goldman looks at the actor Michael J. Fox who I mentioned in a previous post as being a poster boy for optimism.   Read the article and watch his interview with ABC’s news anchor Diane Sawyer who featured him as her “Person of the Week” in her Friday night World News programme.

Michael J. Fox Looks Past Stem Cells in Search For Parkinson’s Cure

Michael J. Fox, whose turn from Parkinson’s disease patient to scientific crusader made him one of the country’s most visible advocates for stem cell research, now believes the controversial therapy may not ultimately yield a cure for his disease, he told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview.

There have been “problems along the way,” Fox said of stem cell studies,

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A good news story from Africa – The Malawi Mice Boys

I am a big fan of world music and I am always on the look out for new groups to try out. This article in the Sunday Times caught my eye not only because it is such a good news story but also having travelled to the beautiful country of Malawi it is great to see an emerging music scene there.  It is always inspiring to hear stories of people who make the most of their opportunities and the Malawi Mice Boys are poster boys for positivity. They have not allowed limited resources stop them from getting involved in writing, playing and singing music and they sing from the heart. Who would think that a small group of subsistence farmers, with a sideline in selling tasty cooked mice on a stick, could have the possibility of becoming the next big thing on the African music scene?  Watch this space.

Catch them if you can

The Malawi Mouse Boys sound extraordinary, and do a roaring trade from their kind of pest control
Garth Cartwright Published: 13 May 2012

Brother of invention:… Read the rest...

Wish yourself a happy New Year at any time of the year

Like many people I started the year with many good intentions and quickly found that life got in the way.  I wrote this article at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of featuring it in my brand new blog about positive psychology, which I had great intentions of setting up in January. We are now in May and thanks to my decision to sign up for the Thirty Day Challenge with http://www.screwworkletsplay.com/  I have finally set up my blog The Happiness Experiment. It is never too late to have a happy New Year and it is never too soon to start your own journey to happiness.  This article shares some insight in to my own personal journey to happiness and future articles will share some more of the lessons I have learned along the way.  I continue to experiment daily with the lessons of positive psychology and would encourage you to try some experiments too. We are all responsible for our own happiness and like me you have the ability to significantly increase… Read the rest...