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Happiness Experiment No 41: change a tiny habit

Changing our habits can be very challenging and it is often difficult to stay motivated. Behaviour researcher BJ Fogg has come up with a clever way to overcome this by creating his theory of tiny habits.  Instead of focusing on big changes like getting really fit or losing 10kg he suggests focusing on tiny sustainable changes which require little or no motivation.  The theory works especially well when you attach the new behaviour change to an already existing habit and perform the new habit after the established habit. For example, after I brush my teeth I will floss one tooth.  After I get out of bed, I will do one sit up.  You can gradually increase the frequency until you are flossing all your teeth and doing many sits very morning.

My dog is currently on medication and I have to acquire a new daily habit of giving her a pill every day.  I remember to do this by saying to myself after I put on my dog’s lead to take her for a walk, I will give… Read the rest...

Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work

Shawn Achor’s talk about happiness at work is one of the most popular TED talks of all time. In his TED talk Shawn argues that although we believe that we should work to be happy, maybe we have things backwards.  It is the lens we look through that shapes our reality, rather than reality itself.  Shawn suggests that if we view work through a positive lens rather than expecting it to make us happy it will completely change our attitude to work and this will not only make us more productive but also happier in the long run.  Enjoy the video.

Shawn Achor talk TEDx Bloomington 2011.

Posted by Shona Lockhart, 6th February 2015

Willpower and behaviour change: wanting what you want to want

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Continuing with this week’s theme of introducing change in your life this great article by Jeremy McCarthy looks at ways to increase your willpower.  Although most people think that lack of willpower is the main reason they fail to achieve the goals they have set for themselves it turns out the real reason is that they lack motivation not willpower.  Before you embark on setting yourself yet another goal which is doomed to failure ask yourself how much you really want to achieve that goal.  Choosing to live a happier life is a really important goal so please read this article to help you to find the motivation to bring about the positive changes you want in you life from now on.  It’s an experiment that’s worth trying.

Willpower and behaviour change: wanting what you want to want

The American Psychological Association recently commissioned… Read the rest...