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Happiness Experiment No 34: remember to say thank you

Saying thank you is such as simple thing to do but how often do we just take people for granted and forget to acknowledge all the little things that others do for us that make our lives better.  We may often feel grateful to others but we can easily forget to express our gratitude, leaving others feeling under appreciated.  Watch this short TED talk and be inspired to say thank you to someone – it will make a huge difference to their day and will probably make a big difference to your day too. Happiness Experiment no 34 is really simple but really powerful – just remember to say thank you.

TED Talk by Laura Trice: The power of saying thank you

Posted by Shona Lockhart on 23rd March 2015

The science of positive psychology – why does it matter?

Although this blog is all about trying out experiments I have to admit that I have never been particularly fascinated by science.  Usually when I am learning about something new and a conversation gets to the science part, that is when I switch off and stop paying attention.  I have always been curious about many things but never about science. I have never wanted to know how something works, it was enough for me to know that it did.  So why has the science of positive psychology piqued my interest when other branches of science have left me cold?

Firstly my studies of positive psychology have taught me that happiness is not a spectator sport. There are many daily actions we can take to increase our well-being and happiness and by basing these actions on scientifically tested measures we are much more likely to see a significant difference in our lives.

Secondly the science of positive psychology has taught me that happiness is a choice and we can … Read the rest...